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Are Heero and Relena A Couple?


Okay. Hi. ^_^ I know someone is going to fry me for this page, but I couldn't resist. The info on this page was taken from the Animerica interview with Masashi Ikeda, conducted by Takayuki Karahashi. Masashi Ikeda is the director of Gundam Wing.

Some people may not consider this hard evidence, but I feel it is good enough. ^_^

Do not email me and kill me about this. I am just posting this for everyone's own information.



Animerica: What is the relationship between Heero and Relena?

Ikeda: Well, according to the story so far as I was involved in it, the girl Relena represented  what was still good about Earth, and I wanted her to talk to the main characters that way. Starting with Heero, allfive of them are the same, but they are in a war propagated by grownups in which you go with the flow, and firepower is the deciding factor. I wanted Relena to represent something different, where people could instead resolve differences with a sincere dialogue. So rather than talk about her relationship to Heero, I think of her more as a representtion of the good that's left on Earth.


Animerica: So they have no boy-girl relationship?

Ikeda: Well, you could say that I was nurtured in a Ryosuke Takahashi world, and that may have something to do with it. I have a hard time with female characters. Boy-girl-relationship type situations are still beyond my capabilities. So that wasn't something on my mind.


Draw your own conclusions.

If you wish to read more of the interview, order the Animerica magazine, Volume 8, 4.

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