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Here is my little attempt to explain some of the phraseology of Gundam Wing. I am not sure if anyone has ever posted one of these things to the web before. Probably, but oh well. I am making this list at 2:00 AM so I bet I am missing a lot.

This includes people, places, objects, mecha and anything else I can come up with. Because of this, there are
Spoilers in your future.
For people with titles and their first name is not given, I have listed them by last name. For example, General Noventa is entered as Noventa, General. And I realize General isn't his first name -.-;;

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01 : The number designation given to Heero Yuy by fans. This is also the number that Oz used to identify Wing Gundam.

02 : The number designation given to Duo Maxwell by fans. This is also the number that Oz used to identify Deathscythe.

03 : The number designation given to Trowa Barton by fans. Alternatively, the number used by Oz to identify Heavyarms.

04 : The number assigned to Quatre by fans. Also, the number used by Oz to identify Sandrock.

05 : The number assigned to Wufei and also the number used by Oz to identify Shenlong.

06 : The number assigned to Zechs by fans.

09 : The number assigned by fans to Lucrezia Noin.

11 : Lady Une's number.

13 : Trieze's number.


Abdul : A member of the Maguanac Corps. His mobile suit is distinguishable by its large shoulder armor.

A.C. : see After Colony

Acht : The inspector sent by the Romefeller Foundation to watch Zechs. While pursuing him in Antarctica, Acht finds that Zechs has rebuilt the Wing Gundam but he is killed by Trowa before he can report his findings.

After Colony : The timeline in which the whole story takes place. In place of our own A.D. (Anno Domini), the A.C. timeline refers to all of the years after the creation of the space colonies. The tv series takes place in A.C. 195.

Ahmed : A member of the Maguanac Corps. His mobile suit is distinguishable by its skirt armor.

Altron Gundam : The updated version of the Gundam Shenlong. Replacing the Dragon Fist, the scientists installed Dragon Fangs on each arm of Altron. Along with the Dragon Fangs, Altron sports a beam trident instead of a beam glaive. In addition there are also 2 beam cannons attached to a tail-like thing on its back.

Aries : A mobile suit that was based after the Leo. It is designed for aerial combat and is utilized by Oz and the United Earth Sphere Alliance but is especially popular with Oz. Aries is the ram in the zodiac.

Auda : A member of the Maguanac Corps. His mobile suit is distinguishable by its claw.


Barton, Dekim : Mariemaia's grandfather, he is the leader of the Barton Foundation. He is officially an advisor to Mariemaia, but he is really the brains and leader of the Mariemaia Army.

Barton Foundation : Located at Lagrange Point 3, it is based around the military and industry.

Barton, Trowa : The one chosen to pilot L3's gundam, Heavyarms. He was killed before he could start the mission and an unnamed boy took his place, assuming his name. This boy is the one that we all know as Trowa Barton. The Trowa we know was orphaned as a child and later worked with a mercenary group, becoming a very skilled pilot. He is a clown in the cirucs as a cover.

Bloom, Catherine : A knife thrower in the circus. She is very protective of Trowa.


Cancer : A mobile suit used by the U.E.S.A. and Oz. It is an underwater mobile suit that sports two claws with torpedo launchers in them. Cancer is the crab in the Zodiac.

Catalonia, Dorothy : A young girl who loves war. She is the grandaughter of Duke Dermail and the daughter of deceased General Catalonia, the last leader of Oz. Through her grandfather she is associated with the Romafeller Foundation. Later on she allies herself with White Fang.

General Catalonia : The last leader of Oz. He is Dorothy's father.

Chang Meiran : The deceased wife of Wufei. She died while piloting Shenlong Gundam when Wufei would not. She believed herself to be the reincarnation of the mythical hero Nataku, but before her death told Wufei that he was the reincarnation and not her. She appears only in Wufei's Episode Zero.

Chang Wufei : The pilot of L5's gundam, Shenlong. Wufei is a boy full of pride and honor who sticks to a strict code of justice. Before becoming a pilot, he was a scholar who did not like to fight. After Meiran's death, he became the pilot of Shenlong in her memory. Wufei does not believe that women should fight because they are weak. He often knows more of what is going on than the other pilots and he prefers to work alone.

Clark, Trant : One of Tubarov's aides. He becomes obsessed with the Wing Zero operating system and strives to break its secret, going against his orders to destroy the gundam.


Darlian, Relena : The adopted daughter of Vice Foreign Minister Darlian. She is a member of the Peacecraft family, the leaders of the Sanq Kingdom. She believes in Absolute Pacifism and sets up a school to teach these ideals to others. For a short time she is the leader of the World Nation. In Endless Waltz she becomes a Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Earth Sphere Unified Nation. She is the sister of Zechs Merquise.

Vice Foreign Minister Darlian : The adoptive father of Relena. He was sent by the Earth Sphere Alliance to open negotiations with the space colonies but was killed by Lady Une under orders of Trieze Khushrenada. Before he dies, he reveals to Relena that she is a Peacecraft and that he adopted her when her family died.

Deathscythe : The gundam created by Proffesor G and piloted by Duo Maxwell. It's main weapons are the large beam scythe and buster shield. Deathscythe also has a device on it that makes it invisible to radar and visual sensors so it can remain undetected.

Deathscythe Hell : The upgraded model of Gundam Deathscythe. It sports a double beam scythe and special cloaking devices that look like wings. They enhance the gundam's undetectability and serve as a second layer of armor.

Duke Dermail : The leader of the Romafeller Foundation. He is the uncle of Trieze Khushrenada and grandfather of Dorothy Catalonia. He is obsessed with money and power.

Doctor J : The mentor of Heero Yuy who created Wing Gundam. He is identifiable by his goggles and cyborg arm.

Doktor S : He created Gundam Heavyarms for the L3 colony. He is identifiable by his black, fake nose.


Endless Waltz : The name of the OVA of Gundam Wing. This 3 episode series encompasses the Mariemaia War and the Revival of the real Operation Meteor.

Epyon : A gundam created by Trieze Khushrenada. Originally piloted by Heero Yuy, it eventually went to Zechs. It is desgined exclusively for close range combat. It is capable of flight and is equipped with a system similar to that of Wing Zero.

Evens : Videos of Operation Meteor. These videos focus on Duo Maxwell, Quatre Winner and the rest of the cast (excluding Heero, Trowa and Wufei who are covered in the Odds).


F -- No F's right now.


Gundam : An extremely powerful mobile suit made of Gundanium Alloy.

Gundanium Alloy : A special metal that is only found in space. It is very durable and is what the gundms are made of.


Heavyarms Gundam : The gundam designed by Doktor S from the L3 Colony. This gundam is best at long range fighting. Heavyarms sports a beam gattling gun which is part of the shield on its arm. It has 2 more guns in its chest armor along with 2 machine cannons. On its shoulders and legs Heavyarms also has missile launchers. It is lightly equipped for close range combat, only having a heat blade in its arm. Its limited supply of ammunition makes extended battles risky.

Heavyarms Kai Gundam : The update of the Heavyarms. It is better designed for use in space and includes an extra beam gattling gun.

Howard : A member of the seafaring end of the Sweepers organization. He is identifiable by his odd haircut, omni-present Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. He is an expert engineer. 


Instructor H : Co-creator of Gundam Sandrock with Quatre. He scrapped his original plans for the gundam and trusted Quatre's judgement to design the gundam well.

Ishino Ryuuzou : Voice actor of Chang Wufei. Other roles include small parts in Evangelion, Golden Boy and Ashita e Free Kick.


No J's right now. ^_^v


Khushrenada, Trieze : The young leader of the Oz Specials force, he is also a member of the Romafeller Foundation. He is respected by his followers and by his enemies. As a friend of Zechs he tries to keep his friend safe when the Romafeller Foundation begins to question his actions. Trieze is responsible for the building of the gundam Epyon. He beleives that all life is important and dislikes the idea of mobile dolls becuase they make pilots obsolete. He is killed at the end of the TV series.

Kurama, Rashid : The leader of the Maguanac group that supports Quatre and fights alongside him. In Endless Waltz, he continues to work with Quatre, this time in the colony-construction business. 

Kurt, Ralph : A former mercenary companion of Trowa's. He appears only for a short time in Blind Target.


Lagrange Points : Points calculated by French mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange. They are five special points "in the vicinity of two orbiting masses where a third, smaller mass can orbit at a fixed distance from the larger masses. " So, it appears that these would be good areas for colonies. For further info and a picture of the Lagrange Points, go here. Each pilot comes from a colony at one of the Lagrange points.

Leo : A mass produced mobile suit used by the Alliance, the Specials and Oz. It is usually equipped with a machine gun. This MS was based after the Tallgeese. Leo is the lion of the zodiac.

Libra : A space battleship utilized by White Fang. Libra is the balances in the zodiac.

Lightning Baron : The name applied to Zechs Merquise. He acquired the nickname because of his many exploits.

Long Shirin : Leader of the Long Clan. She is the leader of L5 colony, Wufei's home, which she destroys.

Lowe, Odin : The man who assasinated Heero Yuy the Pacifist. He appears only in Heero's Episode Zero.


Maguanac Corps : A fighting group lead by Rashid. This group is loyal to Quatre and each of its members has a mobile suit that differs from everyone elses.

Maguanac Mobile Suit : All of these suits are similar to the Leo. Each one is modified to the liking of its pilot.

Master O : Advisor to the Long Clan, he designed the Gundam Shenlong and trained its pilot Wufei. He is the tallest of the 5 scientists.

Matsui Naoko : Voice Actress of Dorothy Catalonia. Other roles include Akane of Kimagure Orange Road, Sakura and Shusuran of Please Save My Earth, and Azusa from Ranma ½.

Maxwell, Duo : Pilot of L2's gundam, Deathscythe. Duo is an orphan who was raised by Sister Helen and Father Maxwell at an orphanage. This orphanage was destroyed when Duo was very young. Sister Maxwell was the first one to braid Duo's hair. Duo nicknames himself Shinigami, or the God of Death, when fighting Oz and the Alliance. Before becoming a pilot, he was a member of the Sweepers organization in space. When Duo found out what Operation Meteor was really for, he attempted to destroy Deathscythe. It is at this point where Professor G suggests Duo take it to Earth and fight, thus making Duo the pilot.

Mercurius : An experimental MS created by the scientists who created the gundams. The Mercurius, in contrast to the Vayeate, is designed solely for defense. It's main feature is the ten disks called "planet defensors." These disks can be put out and they create a shield that is impenetrable to both physical and weapon attacks. The Mercurius's purpose is to defend the Vayeate.

Merquise, Zechs :  A baron in the Oz Specials force. Zechs is a trusted friend of Trieze Khushrenada. In actuality, he is Miliardo Peacecraft, the heir to the Sanq Kingdom. Since he is a soldier, he feels that his hands are stained with blood, and so he passes on the throne of the Sanq Kingdom to his sister Relena. At the end of the TV series, he joins the White Fang resistence group. In Endless Waltz he becomes a preventer using the codename "Wind."

Midorikawa Hikaru : The voice actor of Heero Yuy. Other notable roles that he has done include Tamahome of Fushigi Yuugi, Schuldich of Weiß Kreuz, Messiah of Earthian and Mikagami Tokiya of Flame of Recca.

Mobile Dolls : Mobile suits that do not require a human pilot. They were created by Tubarov and are faster and more lethal than their human piloted counterparts.

Mobile Suits : Large machines that can be piloted and have the capability to cause large scale destruction. Examples of mobile suits are gundams, aries, taurus, etc. Some are designed specifically for land travel but some have the capacity to operate underwater or in space. Unlike mobile dolls, mobile suits require a pilot.


Nakahara Shigeru : The voice actor of Trowa Barton. Other notable roles include Youko Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho and Juunana-gou of Dragonball Z

Noin, Lucrezia : A classmate of Zechs's at the academy, Noin stayed on to train new recruits. She dislikes war even though she is an Oz baronet. She works alongside both Zechs and Relena at some point during hte series, finally teaming up with Sally Po and helping the gundam pilots. In Endless Waltz she becomes a member of the Preventer force using the codename "Fire."

Noventa, Field Marshall : He is the leader of the Alliance, and is moving it toward the path of peace. Through a trick of Trieze, he is killed by the Gundam pilots, thus furthering the war. 

Noventa, Sylvia : The gentle granddaughter of Field Marshall Noventa. Heero turns to her, offering his life in retribution for his mistaken slaying of Field Marshall Noventa. She refuses to kill him however.


Olifant Mobile Suit : A support unit of the Maguanac Mobile suits. They are used almost exclusively for long range combat.

Okiayu Ryoutarou : Voice actor of Trieze Khushrenada. Other roles include Katsuhiko Jinnai of El Hazard, Innova of Magic Knight Rayearth, Hardia of Majutsushi Orphen, Matsuura Yuu of Marmalade Boy, Nishikiori Issei of Please Save My Earth, Kurei of Flame of Recca, and Brad Crawford of Weiß Kreuz.

Operation Daybreak : Trieze's plan to wipe out the Alliance's ground forces.

Operation Meteor : Originally it was a plan created by Quinze to drop the colonies on the Earth. It was later changed and Operation Meteor was considered to be the launching of the pilots and their gundams to Earth in order to fight on behalf of the colonies.

Operation Nova : The Romafeller Foundation's plan to destroy the Oz faction loyal to Trieze. It sends thousands of mobile dolls to earth in order to destroy them.

Orikasa Ai : Voice actress of Quatre Winner. Other notable roles include Ryoko Takeuchi of Blueseed, Ryoko of Tenchi Muyo, and Kuwabara Shizuru from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Otto : A loyal follower of Zechs. After Zechs is injured test piloting the Tallgeese, Otto takes his place and is killed fighting the Alliance in an effort to liberate the Sanq Kingdom.

Oz : Organization of the Zodiac. Originally a part of the United Earth Sphere Alliance under the name "Specials," Oz is actually a part of the Romafeller Foundation. It is lead by Trieze Khushrenada. All mobile suits in Oz are named after signs of the Zodiac.


Peacecraft, Miliardo : See also Merquise, Zechs.

Peacecraft, Relena : See also Darlian, Relena

Peacemillion : A space battleship.

Pisces : An updated version of the Cancer, this MS is also for underwater operations but is more usefull than its predecesor. Its main weapons are missiles in its shoulders. Pisces is the fish in the zodiac.

Po, Sally : A doctor in the United Earth Sphere Alliance. She later becomes a guerilla fighter and in the end teams up with Noin to help the pilots. In Endless Waltz, Sally is a member of the Preventer organization under the codename "Water."

Professor G : The designer of Gundam Deathscythe. He is distinguishable by his bowl haircut and extremely long nose. He is also a member of the Sweeper Organization, like Duo. He is an expert in stealth technology and claims to have built the best gundam.


Quinze : The mastermind of Operation Meteor. He used to be a friend of the slain Heero Yuy, but gave up pacifism. He organizes the resistence group White Fang and recruits Zechs to be the leader.


Rashid : see also Kurama, Rashid.

Romafeller Foundation : An aristocratic organization made up of wealthy nobles from Europe. They are the main masterminds of the war and Oz is a part of this foundation.


Sakuma Rei : Voice actress of Mariemaia. Other roles include Peorth of Aa! Megami-sama, Shampoo of Ranma ½, and Funaho of Tenchi Muyo.

Sandrock Gundam : Desgined by both Quatre Raberba Winner and Instructor H, this gundam hails from L4 colony. The gundam is desgined mainly for close range combat with its main weapon being its twin heat shotels. The only long range weapon that Sandrock features are the missiles in its shoulders. Sandrock is the most powerful gundam and has the best armor.

Sandrock Kai Gundam : This update of Sandrock is better equipped for use in space. Although the heat shotels continue to be the main weapon of Sandrock, a hand held machine gun has been added for long range combat uses.

Sanq Kingdom : A peaceful European country that was taken over by the Alliance. It was ruled by the Peacecraft family.

Sayuri : Voice actress of Lady Une.

Schbeiker, Hilde : Originally joining the military to defend the space colonies independance, Hilde eventually joins up with Duo after a chance encounter.

Sedici : Top aide to Quinze. He infiltrates Oz to recruit people for the White Fang resistence and later becomes an aide to Tubarov during his construction of the Libra.

Seki Toshihiko : The voice  actor of Duo Maxwell. Other notable roles include Sanzo in Gensomaden Saiyuki, Mousse of Ranma ½, and Legato Bluesummers of Trigun.

Septem, General : Commander of the Alliance's space force, he is very militaristic and does not strive for peace.

Shenlong Gundam : The gundam created for the Long clan of the L5 Colony by Master O. This gundam is piloted by Chang Wufei. The main weapons of the Shenlong are the beam glaive and the Dragon Fist. The name Shenlong means "God Dragon" in Chinese.

Specials : This is the name that Oz uses when it is a part of the United Earth Sphere Alliance.

Sweepers : An L2 salvage organization. Duo, Professor G and Howard all belong to this group.


Takehito Koyasu : Voice actor of Zechs Merquise. Other notable roles include Fujimiya Aya of Weiß Kreuz, Hotohori of Fushigi Yuugi, Abaratsubo-sempai of Mahou Tsukai Tai, Kiryuu Touga of Shoujo Kakumei Utena and Seishirou of Tokyo Babylon.

Tallgeese : An early prototype that was abandoned for the easier to pilot Leo. Tallgeese is designed for maximum power output and has huge boosters on its back that makes it capable of flight in earth's atmosphere. Tallgeese's main weapons are its 2 beam sabers. This MS is piloted by Zechs Merquise.

Taurus : Oz's space mobile dolls. They are fast, agile and are usually equipped with a beam cannon. These mobile dolls were also used by the Sanq Kingdom and White Fang. Taurus is the bull in the zodiac.

Touma Yumi : Voice actress of Sally Po and Mrs. Darlian. Other roles include Urd of Aa! Megami-sama, Yui and Tama of Fushigi Yuugi, Silvie Gina of Macross II, Rin Koboyashi of Please Save My Earth, Deedlit of Record of Lodoss Wars, and Tokimi of Tenchi Muyo.

Tragos : Similar to the Olifant, the Tragos is heavily armored and used exclusively for land warfare. It is used by both Oz and the Alliance. Tragos is the only Oz MS not named after a zodiac sign.

Tubarov : A scientist and the developer of the mobile doll. He shoots Lady Une and begins creating the space fortress Libra.


Une, Lady : A count in the Oz specials force. She is a loyal and ruthless aide to Trieze. She suffers from multiple personality disorder, both sides of her being complete opposites. One side is a sweet and gentle ambassador for peace. The other side is cruel and ruthless. In Endless Waltz she has found a balance in her two personalities and becomes the chief of the Preventers.

United Earth Sphere Alliance : The government of Earth. It is secretly manipulated by the Romafeller Foundation and rules ruthlessly. The Specials is a sub-unit of the U.E.S.A.


Vayeate : Experimental MS created by the scientists responsible for the gundams. This mobile suit is designed specifically for offense sporting only a highly destructive beam cannon like that of the Wing Gundam. The Vayeate is very weak in terms of defense and is always used with the Mercurius. The test pilot was Trowa Barton.

Ventei, General : Leader of the Alliances forces on Earth, he strives for peace. He is killed by Trieze's manipulations just as Noventa was.

Virgo : The first mobile doll. Each has a beam cannon, defensive plates like those on the Mercurius and is constructed of Gundanium alloy. Virgo is the virgin in the zodiac.


Weridge, Marquise : A member of the Romafeller Foundation, he is Relena's grandfather. He lacks the moral strength to support her throughout the series and later withdraws his support from Relena and gives it to another leader.

Wing Gundam : This gundam was designed by Dr. J and is piloted by Heero Yuy. The gundam has the ability to change into "bird" mode in which it looks similar to a bird and has flight capabilities. Its main weapons are the beam saber and buster rifle. Wing hails from the L1 colony.

Wing Zero Gundam : Wing Zero was created by Quatre after the death of his father from blue prints left on Winner family computers by Instructor H. This gundam, while similar to Wing Gundam, contains the infamous "Zero System." This computer system has the ability to enhance the thinking ability of its pilot to the point where the pilot can anticipate an enemy's movements before they are performed. The system has a nasty side effect in that it can warp the mind of its pilot. Under the Zero System's influence, Quatre destroyed a colony and nearly killed Trowa.

Winner, Iria : One of Quatre's 29 sisters. She is a doctor.

Mr. Winner : Quatre's wealthy father who runs a colony-construction business. He believes in pacifism and does not approve of Quatre's part in the war. He is eventually killed in a battle.

Winner, Quatre Raberba : The only son of the wealthy Winner family, he is the pilot of L4's gundam Sandrock. He is the co-creator of his gundam, along with Instructor H. He has 29 sisters, and both of his parents are deceased. (His mother dies at his birth and his father dies early on in the series.) Quatre is not ruthless like the other pilots to the point where he usually asks his opponents to surrender so he does not have to kill them. He has a group of forty-some-odd people , the Maguanac, who faithfully follow him and help him out. In Endless Waltz, most of his time is taken up by his family's colony construction business.

White Fang : An army formed by Quinze to fight against the Romafeller foundation, Oz, the Alliance and basically anyone else. They  are based out of the space battleship Libra and are lead by Zechs Merquise. They are fighting for the independence of the space colonies even at the cost of hte destruction of Earth.


No X's right now ^_^


Yajima Akiko : Voice actress of Relena Darlian. Other roles include Access Time of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Eriko of Idol Legend Eriko, Ken-ouki of Tenchi Muyo, and Yura of the Hair from Inu-Yasha.

Yokoyama Chisa : The voice actress of Lucrezia Noin. Other roles include Kagurazaka Yuna of Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, Genki of Monster Farm, Shinguji Sakura of Sakura Taisen, Sasami and Tsunami of Tenchi Muyo and Hinageshi of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Yuy, Heero : The Pacifist chosen by the space colonies to try and speak to Earth and gain autonomoy. When his talks of peace and pacifism were working on Earth, he was assasinated. At the launch of Operation Meteor, the pilot chosen for L1's Wing gundam was assigned the codename 'Heero Yuy.' Chosen as a small child, he was trained by Dr. J to be skilled in computer hacking, piloting and combat. They attempted to get rid of all human emotions from him. He appears fairly emotionless and is frequently suicidal. In Endless Waltz, Heero aides Relena when she is kidnapped by the Mariemaia Army.


Zero System : See also Wing Zero.

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