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Why Dorothy you ask? I am really not sure myself -_-;;

Updated: 2.16.01

Here are some Gundam Wing movies for you. I did not make any of them. I either found them on the interent or people were kind enough to let me post their creations. ^_^
Currently there are very few movies since I am having an uplaoding problem. -_-; I hope that htey will have it fixed soon so I can get the rest of the movies I have on my computer to you.

To Download

This downloading works exactly the same as my mp3s since all of these files are also stored at If you are not familiar with it, please refer to my mp3 section for download instructions.
The share folder password is "kristi"


File Name:
Type: Music video
Created By: Hot Fudge Productions

This is the best Gundam Wing music video I have ever seen. The file is very large but it is worth the download time. The video is to the song "Invincible" by Pat Benetar, and it goes wonderfully.

"and with the power of conviction, there is no sacrifice
it's a do or die situation, we will be invincible"

Just Communication

File Name:
Type: Opening animation to the series

The opening animation of Just Communication. Very, very good quality and no subtitles or credits.

Duo & Trowa Play Chess

File Name:
Type: Clip from one of the episodes
Created by: Akane! (Thanks for letting me borrow it ^_^)

This is a clip from one of the episodes in which Duo and Trowa are playing chess, but Wufei helps them out. ^_^ All of the G boys are in this clip. This clip is in Japanese.

Dr. O Beats Up Duo

File Name: duogetsbeatupbyDrOatMoonBase.asf
(asf's work the same as other movie files)
Type: Clip
Created by: Akane
A clip from the episode where Duo breaks into the Moon Base. He stumbles upon the Scientists who are working on new gundams. To keep them from being found out, Dr. O beats Duo up and the Scientists pretend to have caught him. This clip is in Japanese.


More files to come! (Hopefully -_-; *glares at MySpace*)

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