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Kristi's Gundam Wing Music Page
Updated: 6 March 2001

Welcome to the reopening of my music section. ^_^ Again.... Oh well.
Thanks to everyone who suggested space for me to load it on. ^_^

STATUS: All songs available for download. Please read new download instructions.


(You have to read this or you'll never get the file)

Okay, I changed the place where the files are stored. It is now at To Get a file you must be a member. If you aren't already, join here. If you want, you can put in this reference code (U002F67C7), but you don't have to. It would just give me more space for files.

After that, just click on the file you want. It will bring you to a page that asks you to log in. Just put in the user name and passowrd you got when you signed up and put in  the folder share password of "kristi". Then choose the file you want to download after you had logged in.

If you have anymore problems after that, visit the Help Desk contact me.



Just Communication
(1st Japanese Opening by Two Mix)

Rhythm Emotion
(2nd Japanese Opening by Two Mix)

White Reflection
(Endless Waltz Opening by Two Mix)

Mind Education
(Blind Target radio Drama Opening by Misty Eyes)



It's Just Love
(Japanese TV Closing performed by Rumi Ohishi)

 Just Communication Instrumental
(North American TV Closing)


Character Vocals

Grasp the Truth
Performed by Chang Wufei (Ishino Ryuzuo)

With Only My Words
Performed by Heero Yuy (Midorikawa Hikaru)

Far Off Dawn
Performed by Zechs Merquise (Koyasu Takehito)

Brightness and Darkness
Performed by Lady Une (Sa Yuri)

Flying Away
Performed by Heero Yuy (Midorikawa Hikaru)

Love is a Shooting Star
Performed by Trowa Barton (Shigeru Nakahara)

Star's Gaze
Performed by Quatre Raberba Winner (Ai Orikasa)

Wild Wing
Performed by Duo Maxwell (Toshihiko Seki)

Good Luck and Goodbye
Performed by Duo Maxwell (Toshihiko Seki)

Kitto Okay
Performed by Duo Maxwell (Toshihiko Seki)

Take Off to the Sky
Performed during the Blind Target radio drama by Heero Yuy (Midorikawa Hikaru)

Joy to My Life
Performed by Dorothy Catalonia (Naoko Matsui)

Hoshikuzu no Senshitachi
Performed by Trieze Khushrenada (Okiayu Ryoutarou)

Knock on Tomorrow's Door
Performed by Chang Wufei (Ishino Ryuuzuo)


Background Music

Code Name: Heero Yuy
(Music played during the preview of the next show)

Sparkling Harmony
(played in Episode..4?..5? when Trowa and Quatre are playing instruments)

The Wings of a Boy that Killed Innocence
(played when Heero comes to Earth)

Mission Accomplished

Appearence of Mariemaia
(from Endless Waltz...obviously)

Wufei's Irritation
(from Endless Waltz)

Black Wind Invites the Death
(played when Duo appears for the first time)

In Spattering Blood and Scent of Gunpowder

Dead Soldiers With Unmarked Graves

Dark Change Behind the Scenes

Gundam's Assault

Who Burns Away Their Life  for Something
(from the final duel between Heero and Zechs)

(From Endless Waltz)

Journey to the Sun
(From the Endless Waltz. Probably my fave. bg music.)

As Relena Peacecraft

Clash at the Stratosphere
(From Endless Waltz)

From the Cockpit Prepared to Self Destruct

With Only That I am Happy



Rhythm Emotion Pure
(By Two Mix. Piano version.)

Rhythm Emotion (Rave Mix)
(By Two Mix. Techno Version of the song.)

Last Impression
(By Two Mix... from the special Endless Waltz movie)

Eternal Wind
From Gundam F-91. Sung by Hiroko Moriguchi

Just Communication (Groove That Soul Mix)
By Two Mix. Remix of the Opening.

Just Communication (Second Variation)
By Two Mix. Another version of the opening song.


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