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Gundam Wing Profiles

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(You have no idea how long it took to add the rest of Trieze's clothing...)

Heero Yuy

"Life is cheap...especially mine."

Heero Yuy MS Wing Gundam Pilot

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Bloodtype: A

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Prussian blue

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 156 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Mentor/Relatives: Dr. J

Birthplace: L1 Colony

Seiyuu: Midorikawa Hikaru

My Humble Opinion of Heero: Well, Spandex Boy (as named by Reishin ^_^) is definitely an interesting person. He has very suicidal tendencies, and doesn't seem to think life is worth anything. He seems to be rather quiet, (But not Trowa quiet ^.^;;;). He has his own private stalker, ::coughs...points to Relena::. For some strange reason she seems to think it is fun to chase after the man who wants to kill her. (WOAH..this is supposed to be about Heero..gomen.) Anyway, he may seem like a real psychopath, but he can't be all that bad. I'm sure he is actually pretty nice...somewhere in there.... Contrary to what most people think, I actually like Heero. (I have a poster of him in my room, and I was named one of his seishi by Heero no Miko. ^.^) Heero pretty much fits the catagory of perfect soldier. ::shudders at flashback of him setting his leg:: I think that he was brought up in a sheltered way, so that he missed alot of things that would have correctly shaped his personality as a child. I doubt he got to know other people in his younger years, so he doesn't really seem to know how to interact with other people.

My Opinion of Dubbed Heero: Well, Dubbed Heero (DH) is a lot different than Subbed Heero (SH). I have a problem with dubbing Gundam Wing only because that means we can't hear Heero's original voice, Hikaru Midorikawa. I love his voice. Anyway, from waht little I have seen of dubbed GW, DH seems to have more personality than SH (which isn't hard). He makes more sounds and stuff. Like when DH got shot, he grunted. And SH did not. Litle things like that, I think, take away from his overall character. The voice actor that they chose for DH makes him sound older, which I guess is okay.

Duo Maxwell

"Don't make me keep repeating myself! It's not good for my health!"

Duo MaxwellMS Gundam Deathscythe Pilot

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Bloodtype: B

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Indigo

Ethnicity: American

Height: 156 cm

Weight: 43 kg

Mentor/Relatives: He's an orphan...

Birthplace: L2 Colony

Seiyuu: Seki Toshihiko

My Humble Opinion of Duo: Duo is definitely the coolest character in Gundam Wing. (nope...I'm not biased ^.^) He is open, friendly, and pretty much a nice guy. When you first really get to know him, he is trying to save Relena's life. (BAD MOVE BRAID BOY!!) This shows that he tries to do good. He is religious. (As if you couldn't tell by the outfit he wears.) Duo is a pretty good fighter, and he claims to never lie. So that makes him honest and honorable. An all around cool character IMHO.

My Opinion of Dubbed Duo: Heh..okay. I only have one thing to say.... "Surfs Up!"  That should explain it all.

Trowa Barton

"I know all about the danger, I'm used to walking a tight-rope."

Trowa BartonMS Gundam Heavyarms Pilot

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Bloodtype: AB

Hair: brown

Eyes: dark green

Ethnicity: Latin American (as stated by a producer of the show)

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Mentor/Relatives: unknown

Birthplace: L3 Colony

Seiyuu:  Nakahara Shigeru

Other: Plays the flute.

My Humble Opinion of Trowa: Trowa is definately the quietest of the gundam pilots. I also think Trowa kinda looks up to Heero and admires him. I think this because, after Heero woke up after trying to self destruct, Trowa sorta seemed in awe of Heero's courage in actually going so far as to self destruct. I also believe Trowa to be a very intellegent and insightful person. I believe he isn't given enough credit, and that he is actually a very cool character. Definately a cool guy. ^_^ He is one of my favorite characters.

My Opinion of Dubbed Trowa: Dubbed Trowa (DT) suffers from the same problem as Dubbed Heero. I liked Subbed Trowa (ST) because he seemed totally unemotional at all times but then he would do something that let you know that there was something underneath. It added a little spiffy mystery layer to his character. DT is nothing like that. His voice has emotion to it.... I don't know. Maybe I just liked the way Nakahara-san did Trowa's voice. But otherwise, they dubbed his lines fairly well. It is the same problem I had with Zel's 2nd voice actor in The Slayers. He went from total unemotional guy to having emotion. Which the voice actor did on purpose. I just don't get it...

Quatre Raberba Winner

"War brings sorrow...but we must fight to keep our loved ones from sorrow."

Quatre Raberba WinnerMS Gundam Sandrock Pilot

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Bloodtype: O

Hair: Platinum Blond

Eyes: Blue

Ethnicity: Arabian

Height: 156 cm

Weight: 41 kg

Mentor/Relatives: All of his kinsmen and 29 older sisters. He is also tended by 40 people.

Birthplace: L4 Colony

Seiyuu: Orikasa Ai

Other: Plays the violin.

My Humble Opinion of Quatre: Quatre is the most caring of all the pilots. He doesn't want to fight and kill as he shows when he asks his enemies to surrender. Quatre also seems to be the most untainted by the war (umm..ignore Zero System Quatre...). Although the war has been hard, long and devastating, Quatre seems to be able to keep his innocence throught out the whole thing. I don't happen to like Quatre very much, but he is kinda respectable by the kindness he shows to everyone, no matter who they are.

Okay, my opinion of "Dubbed Quatre". Dubbed Quatre (furthermore refered to as, not dairy queen...oh dear..moving on) is a lot cooler than Subbed Quatre (now known as SQ...). He has a better voice and seems less naive than he did in the subbed version. DQ (who I personally think was dubbed the best of anyone) seems stronger and less... pansyish?....than he did in the sub. I like DQ a lot. He beats SQ anyday. ^_^

Chang Wufei

"I will determine justice."

Chang WufeiMS Gundam Shenlong Pilot

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Bloodtype: B

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Ethnicity: Chinese

Height: 156 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Mentor/Relatives:  unknown

Birthplace: L5 Colony

Seiyuu: Ishino Ryuuzuo

My Humble Opinion of Wufei: Good news people! My opinion of Wufei has changed. ^_^ Anyway, after seeing more GW, I have found my opinion to probably be very very wrong. (I would also like to thank Jesse for pointing out some good things about Wufei.) Contrary to my earlier claim, I have found that Wufei probably doesn't hate women. Just doesn't think they should fight. ( Although, I must say he doesn't express this well. Saying "A woman? That's why she's weak!"  and "That's just the kind of thing a woman would think of." hasn't gotten him many female fans. -_-;; ) Although he seems to be a rude, arrogant pain in the ass, I believe he is actually very lost in the world. There seems to be so much that he doesn't understand. I think that, with the way he was brought up, he missed alot of things that he normally would have learned in the real world, much like I think Heero has. He also seems very shy and quiet, maybe more than Trowa even. I actually like Wufei, the more of him I have seen. ^_~ But, I still have flashbacks of Amelia from Slayers when he starts talking about Justice. ::winces at the thought::

My Opinion of Dubbed Wufei: Dubbed Wufei (DW) is pretty cool. They didn't butcher him in my opinion, and I think that his voice is pretty good too. I think that the voice actor that they chose for him is similar to Ishino Ryuzuo, and that is really cool. I have nothing to complain about with DW. ^_^

Zechs Merquise

"My hands are stained with blood..."


Zechs MerquiseOz Specialist, Tallgeese Pilot

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Bloodtype: Unknown

Hair Color: Platinum Blond

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Ethnicity: Northern European

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Mentors/Relatives: One sister

Birthplace: A Northern European country, Sanq Kingdom, on Earth.

Seiyuu: Koyasu Takehito

Aliases: Miliardo Peacecraft

My Opinion of Zechs: I think Zechs is a fairly cool character. First off, he has got the looks ^_^ and he is also a very deep guy. He is giving his all for what he thinks is right. Zechs is also a very honorable character, he believes in a fair fight. He also seems to trade sides often in this series, which is kinda strange. Most people fight for the one thing they believe in, and he seems to keep changing what he believes in.  I personally like Zechs as a character. He is slightly mysterious, and very different. But what was up with the mask? Couldn't he show the way he felt in a better way?

My Opinion of Dubbed Zechs: Anyone else think that Dubbed Zechs (DZ) sounds a little like Vegeta? I have a few problems with DZ, one being the Vegeta connection. Also, did anyone else hear him say 'dandy'? Who translated that one? I just think that they could have done a lot better with DZ. Subbed Zechs (SZ) sounded very cool, and had the whole aristocratic feel to him which DZ seems to lack.

Treize Khrushrenada

"Humans need a higher system than God."


Treize Khrushrenada Commander of Oz, and Romafeller Foundation member

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Bloodtype: Unknown

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Unknown

Ethnicity: Aryan

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Mentors/Relatives: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Seiyuu: Okiayu Ryoutarou

My Opinion of Treize: Treize...what can one say about Treize? Well, he is definitely a *different* character. He is highly mysterious, and doesn't like people to know what he is planning on doing. Treize is the guy who really started the whole war. He is a man with a plan. He is definitely very smart if he could plan everything out so perfectly. In the beginning episodes, Treize seems like he is inhuman, and doesn't care about other people. Later on when the Mobile Dolls come into existence, we realize that he truely did care about every soldier who faught and died for the cause. I think Trieze is a really cool character. His mysterious nature is a real draw to his character. 

My Opinion of Dubbed Trieze: Somewhere a long the way, Trieze lost his aristocratic edge, which I thought was essential to his character. Okiayu Ryoutarou portrayed Subbed Trieze (ST) as the aristocrat and distinguished ,well-bred person that he was. Somehow Dubbed Trieze (DT) sounds like a hardened general in any old army. I thought that the well-bred sound was more fitting to the part. But otherwise, Trieze was dubbed farily well.

Relena Peacecraft

"Of course beautiful and excellent things are to be praised."


Relena Peacecraft  Age: 15

Sex: Female

Bloodtype: A

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Ethnicity: Northern European

Height: 154 cm

Weight: 38 kg

Mentors/Relatives: One older brother.

Birthplace: A Northern European country, Sanq Kingdom, on Earth.

Seiyuu: Yajima Akiko

My Opinion of Relena: did she get here?!Anyway, I can sum up my opinion of Relena in one sentence:

I am a proud member of the Anti-Relena Fan club. ^_^

My Opinion of Dubbed Relena: I think that the dubbing people wanted Relena to seem a little less stalkerish..but it didn't work that well. I still think she is a nut who is missing most of her marbles. So, basically, see my opinion of regular Relena and that should work out. ^_^

Since people have been asking, here is the extended list of why I dislike Relena.

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