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Okay, hi. ^_^ I have been getting a lot of emails recently asking me why I dislike Relena. Some were really nice, and others were outright mean..but that is okay. I don't really mind. I decided to make this page so that I could hopeuflly answer people's questions without clogging up my mailbox. ::sobs at the 135 emails that she still has to read::


Now, my opinions are based on the Japanese Subtitled Version and the way I interpreted her actions. Please do not flame me for my opinions.

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1.  I think she is  a hypocrite.

Relena claims to be a total pacifist, but she tried to kill Lady Une. I understand that Une was responsible for her father's death, but killing people goes against the pacifist morals that Relena clings to throughout the series. She always speaks ill of those who kill and fight in the war, and there she went and tried to kill someone she disliked.

2. She stalks Heero.

Okay, lots of people bug me about this one. The ysay that she does not stalk him. But in my opinion following someone across continents to the boarding school he now goes to falls under the category of stalking. And, even after Heero said that he was going to kill her, she still pursues him. Didn't the little "Heero! Come and kill me now!" scene on the beach bother anyone else? What about when Heero drove off in the ambulance and she said "My name is Relena...and you are?" to no one in particular? Anyone else notice that weirdo look on her face?

3. She is weird in her dealings with other people.

When Heero and Zechs were dueling in Antarctica, Relena told Heero to kill Zechs becasue she thought he would loose. This also goes back to the hypocrite thing, but that isn't the way to go about ending a fight. I understand that she knew that Zechs used to be a knight for the house of Peacecraft and that he switched sides, but still, ordering someone to kill him for that is just weird. She should have tried to help him instead of get rid of him. Also, when Noin revealed that Zechs was in fact her brother, she immediately changed her attitude and fell very comfortably into calling him "my brother" when she had just asked Heero to kill him! ^.^;;

4. She is a psychopath.

Again totally in my opinion. Refer to the examples in reason 1 to know why I think this. ^_^  And also, did you ever notice that she sometimes has really evil and strange looks on her face?


"I bet she keeps a pile of pictures of Heero in a corner with candles and everything. Creepy, no?" ~ Firestarter


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